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What About Dragons?

Look dinosaur fans, I don't want to start an unhealthy rivalry thing with you, but as the mathematicians might say, DRAGONS > dinosaurs. Consider:

  • As treasure hoarders, dragons have more financial wherewithal than dinosaurs.

  • Many dragons can communicate with us directly through human speech.

  • Dragons are flyers, whereas most dinosaurs are not.

  • And the real clincher: dragons breath FIRE!

Dragons are greater than dinosaurs!

Observe this majestic dragon soaring through the ancient forest! So incredibly magnificent in every way! Sorry, hapless dinosaur fans. (Not really.)

I anticipate you dinosaur lovers may attempt to refute the self-evident superiority of dragons by dusting off the timeworn argument that dinosaurs are REAL, whereas dragons are IMAGINARY. But this is simply a desperate smoke screen. I recently googled an article on the INTERNET (always an authoritative source) that indicated many of these so-called "dinosaur fossils" are actually dragon fossils.

"Hey Will," you ask, "if what you read on the internet is true, what about the wings? Why don't the fossils have dragon wings?" That is a reasonable question, friend. I will do some more googling and get back to you soon.

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