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Appropriately Judgmental

Well I'm not in a very humorous mood, I suppose. I've continued to reflect on my scornful treatment of those who selected possessions as their Main Things. I think maybe it's partly my fault they chose so poorly. After all, I haven't really explained what makes for a good Main Thing. So here are some characteristics I believe good Main Things should have:

  • Not trendy.

  • Value won't decay.

  • Impacts others for good.

  • Gives purpose to our lives.

Not trendy. Main Things don't go out of style. Our grandparents would have appreciated them, and our grandchildren will too. Some good and bad examples:

  • Fashion and Celebrity? NO

  • Art and Service? YES

Value won't decay. Main Things are transcendent. Their intrinsic value endures. Examples:

  • Possessions and Good Looks? NO

  • Generosity and Beauty? YES

Impacts others for good. Main Things are shared. We send them out to enrich the human condition for all, and in so doing we are also enriched. Examples:

  • Greed and Cunning? NO

  • Love and Wisdom? YES

Gives purpose to our lives. Main Things inspire us to do our best. Examples:

  • Isolation and Toil? NO

  • Relationships and Faith? YES

Finally, here's a technique I recommend that helps me evaluate my Main Thing. Not to be morbid, but I imagine today is my last day on Earth. Tonight I will pass away peacefully in my sleep, and enter my eternal rest. On this day, my last day, will I reflect back on my Main Thing and appreciate how much I was shaped by keeping my Main Thing the Main Thing? And will I be pleased by what my life ended up being about?

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