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Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Remember, money is not the Main Thing. Furthermore...

Money cannot buy happiness.

I know this thing about money. You know it too, don’t you?

Sometimes we forget, though. About how money cannot buy happiness. It seems like it should be able to, doesn’t it?

For example, money can buy a puppy. And money can buy a dog bed, a dog bowl, dog food, and dog toys.

You see where I’m going with this example, don’t you? You see I’m moving in an almost perfectly straight line to happiness.

(There’s a slight curve around housebreaking and another mild bend at giving baths.)

So will you join forces with me in refuting the concept that money cannot buy happiness?

Not convinced? Really? What if I buy you a puppy?

Hmm. Yeah, no, you're right, that's just weird. Sorry.

So I guess it's true. Money cannot buy happiness.

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