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11/10 at 10:11

I am Andrew Matheson, high school biology teacher. Everything will change for me November 10th, at 10:11 am. That is the day and time that will trigger my existential awakening, that will introduce me to the limitless possibilities the inter-dimensional super-reality provides, that will break the chains of evolutionary bondage that shackle me and my fellow Homo sapiens.

Everything will change for me November 10th at 10:11 am.

You are very polite, very patient. But enough is enough, right? You gently ask, "Andrew, are you a crazy person? How can you know the future? And just what do you think will happen November 10th at 10:11 am that will cause such dramatic events as you describe?"

Of course you think I'm a crazy person. I can see where you're coming from, friend. In fact, from my vantage point here inside the Small Singularity Generator, I can see pretty much everything.

I see a kingdom of advanced hominids who move through multiple dimensions of time and space as easily as you and I might walk across the room. I observe their wicked, immortal queen, incessantly plotting to deceive and control us. I discern a future when humanity awakens to her evil, and rises together to defeat her.

I see all the dots, but I don't see how to connect them. So I'm going to break (bend?) a rule and create a paradox. I'm going to serve as my own causal agent. I will send myself a message in a bottle. And I will get my billionaire college friend Aaron Mackenzie to serve as the bottle.

I will get my billionaire college friend Aaron Mackenzie to serve as the bottle.


(Images courtesy of wix.com and Pixabay user pixel2013 at pixabay.com/photos/message-in-a-bottle-bottle-post-1694868/.)


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