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The Hidden Ones

I'm Andrew Matheson, former high school biology teacher, now turned conspiracy theory wacko nut job. That's the conclusion most of you must draw, no doubt. How could you not? Haven't you heard me ranting on about the powerful hidden forces seeking to destroy us? The malevolent darkness moving against us from the world of shadows? Crazy man talk, right?

I get it. I understand how crazy I sound. Seriously, how could I not be completely off my rocker?

But what if I'm not a crazy person? What if I'm just a regular guy that was in the right (wrong?) place at the right (wrong?) time, and unwittingly stumbled upon a secret? That happens, right? Sure it does. Normal people find out about secrets all the time. It's not my fault the secret I discovered is that there's a sinister plot from the supernatural realm to wipe out most of humanity and enslave the rest. That's not on me. That's on them. I'm just the messenger.

And here is my message, believe it or not:

For many thousands of years now, Homo sapiens has not been the fittest species on the planet. Long ago, we were passed up by a race of hominids who developed the ability to access more dimensions of space than just height, width, and depth.

I don't know how many more dimensions of space there are. After all, I'm just a biology person. Maybe ask a physicist? But apparently there are enough extra dimensions that these hominids can seem to magically pop into our three-dimensional space out of nowhere. Then they can disappear just as easily. They can walk through walls, descend into the floor or ground, or rise through the ceiling or into the heavens. Pretty handy attributes to have in your phenotype, wouldn't you say?

The Darkness watches and waits.

The Hidden Ones live in secret among us.

There's more to tell about this hidden race of hominids. They use their dimension-accessing abilities to manipulate our perceptions, too. For example, they can appear to be very large or quite small, depending on what suits their purposes. They can disguise their appearance in other ways as well. And they can hide portions of normal space from our view, perhaps indefinitely; or they can reveal it to us when they want, like magicians pulling rabbits out of hats.

Sacred texts and mythology have all spoken of gods and goddesses, ghosts, demons, and other frightening monsters. Folks, I'm convinced it's all true. I've come to believe it must be these Hidden Ones coming against us from other dimensions!

I've been working with a billionaire friend of mine for more than a year now, using proprietary technologies and methodologies his team developed, to learn as much as possible about the Hidden Ones. We don't know much. Truthfully, we don't even know what we don't know. But we do know the Hidden Ones are organized under an immortal ruling queen, and she's planning something big and scary for clueless Homo sapiens. Any day now.


Image by Pixabay contributor intographics. Used under Pixabay free license.

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