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Light from Darkness

Another blog post from THE MAIN THING, the second in the "Squint" series.

I'm troubled, readers. Well, it's the scientists again. They won't seriously investigate the possibility of God because a Creator would not be bound within His creation, and thus wouldn't need to adhere to natural laws. And scientists like to think they are unearthing objective truths that always follow discoverable rules that always apply in every situation. No miracles allowed, that is. No exceptions.

But then they allow for all these exceptions! Like in a previous "Squint" blog post, where I tried to point out scientists are perfectly comfortable equating "nothingness" with "somethingness." (Click the link to review Something from Nothing.) How does an entire universe arise out of nothing, and that's objective science? But if a lady from my church reports being miraculously healed of cancer, she's considered a crackpot for believing in God?

A whole bunch of something arose from nothing. That's a scientific fact.

And then there's light. Gosh you guys, light is really tricky. It's oh-so fast, friends. Zip! Zoom! Where'd it go? There it is way over there! Wait, how do I know? Because I see it! But if I see it over there, that means it's also in my eyeball right now! Oh that's tricky! And a little creepy, don't you agree?

But if I don't let the light get in my eyeball right now, then I'm in darkness. Total darkness. Frankly, that's even creepier. In the darkness, I can't see anything. That means someone or something could sneak up on me and grab me and get me! Scary, right? But scientists would probably tell me to calm down because nothing is going to get me in the darkness.

But then I remember scientists don't always distinguish real well between something and nothing.

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