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What's the Plan?

Can we talk for a moment about this predicament in which we find ourselves?

I mean, come on guys, haven't you noticed? Do you ever consider how everybody ends up dying? Every day our last day here in this realm draws one day nearer. Look around carefully. Do you see anybody getting out of here a different way?

Okay, sure, abducted by aliens. Given. And then there's uploading our total consciousnesses to the Internet, so we can download them periodically to ever-more-sophisticated robots. Naturally. Those are good strategies, thoughtful friend.

The Latin word for death is "mors." From this root word, we get English words such as:

  • mortuary

  • morgue

  • mortal

  • morbid

  • morose

  • moribund

There are probably more, but "more" isn't one of them. The English word "more" comes from the Old English word "māra," which means "more." Seriously, Old English? Why can't you just use "more" like the rest of us? Why do you have to be so much more special? Or should I say "māra" special? Gee whiz!

Old English used to be the only game in town, but now it's a dead language.

No wonder both Latin and Old English are dead languages!

Getting back to our shared predicament of facing impending death, I've got an exit strategy I've been investigating. It's called resurrection. No, not reincarnation, that's different. (Holy cow, people!) Resurrection. Unlike alien abduction or mind uploading, resurrection's been demonstrated to be a successful way to defeat death. Granted, it takes lots and lots and lots of power—way, way more than we can muster on our own.

But don't worry—there's a really good Guy Who will totally help us out.

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