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My Fanciful Fancy Lifestyle

Hello. Will Malpass here. Today I'm pretending to be fabulously wealthy. As such, I simply must share a perfectly amusing anecdote with you.

The other day I was driving around my vast estate in my luxurious German automobile looking for one of the many servants' cottages that dot the countryside I call "Home Sweet Home." Now I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but every now and again when I get out of sight of Malpass Manor itself, I sometimes lose my way. (In my defense, one exquisitely manicured lawn dotted with dozens of charming topiaries is pretty much like another.)

Malpass Manor serves as an adequate second home—but OH! the insects are just atrocious in the summer months!

Well I got turned around in the acreage behind the polo fields and somehow ended up between my private marina and the west heliport. (Not the heliport by the golf course, mind you. The other one, near my private planetarium.)

Stuart Gunderson, PhD. Personal astrophysicist to Will Malpass.

Of course with my hectic schedule I haven't been to the planetarium in AGES, so I took the opportunity to pop in and check on all the staff, including Professor Stuart Gunderson, my personal astrophysicist. Professor Gunderson is just delightful, I assure you. He has a way of explaining string theory, the curvature of space-time and the necessity of dark matter within the universe (or should I say multiverse? haha) that thrills me no matter how often I hear it! (Not to be naughty, but I'm sure Mrs. Gunderson considers herself to be one lucky woman! No, not his mom! His wife, silly.)

Well Professor Gunderson showed me the high-definition video he captured from the 2018 New Years Day supermoon, and reminded me there will be another supermoon at the end of January 2018. And since it's the second full moon of the month, it's called a blue moon. And that's where the expression "once in a blue moon" comes from!

Golly! Just look at that supermoon! Nice!

And so the supermoon at the end of January 2018 will actually be a blue supermoon, or a superblue moon, if you prefer. Oh what a magical world we live in! Don't you agree friends?

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