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The Final Main Thing of 2017

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Author and educator Stephen Covey

What's really going on here? THE MAIN THING examines this fundamental philosophical question about the true nature of reality in a sometimes-serious-but-mostly-lighthearted way. In this final blog entry of 2017, I've summarized a few of the ideas we've developed this year.

  • Faith can be described as our willingness to stay open to different ideas about reality. We have free will to choose what we want to believe.

  • Sometimes when we dream we don't realize it's just a dream. Maybe what we think is real right now is actually something we're going to wake up from shortly. And when that happens, maybe we'll truly understand reality.

  • Not to be morbid, but it seems certain we're all going to die someday. Will there be a reality for us after death? If so, will the new reality be like waking up from a dream?

  • Scientists and philosophers over the centuries have put a lot of thought into whether there's more reality for us after this reality concludes. (Whether they admit it or not, pretty much everybody hopes so.)

  • Scientists want to act like they've got all the answers, but it's just an act. Our reality is still chock-full of unsolved mysteries.

  • The Bible is mysterious. Some people say it's full of contradictions, but others claim it's full of answers about reality. There are 66 books in the Bible. The Apostle Paul wrote more of those books than any other person—about one-fifth of them. And Paul's writings are arguably the easiest to read and understand. If someone asked me what one single book of the Bible they should read, I'd recommend Paul's letter to the Romans.

  • And finally, I like tater tots. But who doesn't, right?

Happy New Year, and please keep reading THE MAIN THING in 2018!

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