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Dark Energy

The universe is expanding. If that's not alarming enough for you, the rate of universal expansion is accelerating. And furthermore, not even the most brilliant cosmologists in the world can explain what's really happening. But there are several theories.

One of those theories is DARK ENERGY. According to the theory of Dark Energy, more than two-thirds of the universe is comprised of energy that doesn't interact with the electromagnetic spectrum. Because there's no interaction, we can't detect Dark Energy. We can't experience it in any way whatsoever. Not even if we slide our feet across the carpet on a cool, dry day and then touch a door handle. In that situation, we'd be experiencing a static electricity discharge, but not Dark Energy.

Yes, this cup contains dark energy, but we're actually discussing a different kind today.

You: "Gosh, Will, Dark Energy seems kinda boring. Why do I care about Dark Energy?"

Two reasons:

  1. The existence of Dark Energy would help explain why the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

  2. The idea that scientists are so completely baffled by the true nature of reality that they have conjured up this theory that requires us to blindly accept that the portion of reality we can actually observe is only a fraction of the totality of reality is delightfully ironic.

Two bonus comments:

  1. Meanwhile, I'm considered "not scientific" because I believe (or trust, or have faith) the universe is a created thing.

  2. "Totality of reality" sort of rhymes, and is now my new favorite fun phrase. Sorry, "giant vat of fresh brain goo." You're out.

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