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Believing the Unbelievable

Does reality make total sense to you? If so, could I get a few answers off your paper before we have to turn in our work? (If it makes you feel better, the Teacher said we could help each other, so it's not cheating.)

The Teacher said we could help each other, so it's not cheating.

I simply want to know the TRUTH about this reality we're experiencing. So I've been investigating the works of great philosophers and scientists. I've examined the Scriptures. And I've also tried to use my own experiences and reason. All to find an answer to this question: What is really going on here?

A few observations from my research so far:

  • The physical universe is still inexplicable in many ways. Scientists are doing their best, but the mathematics is really difficult, for one thing.

  • Non-physical reality is also inexplicable. Some scholars doubt a non-physical reality even exists!

  • We experience the passage of time. We can recall the past, and we try to predict the future.

  • We are alive in the present. It's less clear what our status was in the past before we were born, and what it'll be in the future after we die.

  • Speaking of dying, death looks like it's pretty much inescapable. Bummer.

  • Everybody has free will to believe whatever they choose.

  • What we perceive influences what we believe. And what we believe influences what we perceive.

Figuring out how reality works involves some complicated mathematics.

To summarize, so far I find reality rather inscrutable. Nevertheless, I've used my free will to choose some beliefs. Here's a few good ones you may want to copy from my paper:

  • Reality is all created, and there is a Creator.

  • Reality is generally well-organized, and in most cases operates under an ordered system of natural laws.

  • When reality doesn't adhere to the system of natural laws, we should pay attention.

  • The Bible doesn't adhere to the system of natural laws.

  • Jesus of Nazareth didn't adhere to the system of natural laws.

We should pay attention to Jesus of Nazareth.

My beliefs have led me to a paradoxical conclusion which is completely unbelievable but which I'm compelled to believe anyway. Get ready. Here it comes. Folks, the Bible is TRUE! All those perplexing stories and prophesies and miracles somehow fit together to reveal the Creator's message to us, His creation. And at the heart of His message is Jesus Christ, the Rescuer.

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