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And Then What Will Happen?

It wasn't that long ago I was telling you when and how I think the Rapture will occur. (Click on the underlined link for all the details. And if you're a Christ-follower, don't make any important appointments for after May 14, 2018, because you won't be around to keep them. Oh, and you can afford to tip your waiter generously when you're out celebrating International Hummus Day, May 13, 2018.)

How will things be different after the Rapture? These are my thoughts:

  • Everyone who was sealed by the Holy Spirit prior to the moment of the Rapture—whether they were walking the earth or buried within it—will be off the scene in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Also gone will be all infants and children who hadn't reached the age of accountability—meaning they weren't old enough to understand they needed rescue from their sinful state.

  • Along the same lines, pregnant unbelieving women will discover they are suddenly barren.

  • What will happen to the animals of raptured individuals? Who will care for these innocent creatures? Personally, I believe God the Son will provide a means of rescue for all those who are innocent, including pets.

But what about those who aren't innocent? Will unbelievers recognize they missed the boat? (Like the people of Noah's time missed the ark—ha ha.) Frankly, I don't think they will. But I do think it'll be obvious to everybody something significant has happened. Consider:

  • Giant holes scattered across cemeteries worldwide, where the dead in Christ were previously buried.

  • Many churches (but not all, Will regretfully concluded) will have reduced attendance.

  • Everyone will be wondering, "Where are all the babies and little kids?"

"Hey man! Where are all the babies and little kids?"

I think a conspiracy theory will arise among the non-raptured that radical Christians have somehow stolen the bodies from the cemeteries, kidnapped the children, and gone into hiding.

  • Non-raptured church attenders (there will be plenty, Will regretfully concluded) will reinforce the idea that it couldn't have been the Rapture because, "Well, look around! We're all still here!"

  • Media will report on the widespread suffering caused by these radical Christian outlaws. Just imagine the coverage of weeping parents whose innocent children have been taken from them.

  • World leaders will call for investigations. Justice for the victims of the Christ-followers!

And then a man will appear on the scene with a compelling message of hope and peace.

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