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Why All the Mystery?

I began this blog, THE MAIN THING, to share my ideas about Life's Big Truths. The True Nature of Reality. To discuss what the wisest philosophers and smartest scientists have said and are saying about Important Questions like these:

  • "What is real?"

  • "Why are we here?"

  • "How did we get here?"

  • "If we're not here, where are we?"

  • "Does anyone else want the rest of these tater tots?"

As I studied the philosophers' and scientists' answers to Important Questions over the years, I observed something I think is significant: Most Everybody Usually Takes Themselves Very Seriously. I include myself in this category; furthermore, I wonder whether this attribute's really necessary or even helpful at all. So I decided THE MAIN THING will try to keep things lighthearted. Maybe even occasionally funny. Maybe.

"I agree, Melvin! Will's blog THE MAIN THING is frequently hilarious!"

Now folks, I say all that to say this: have you noticed the Correct Answers to the Important Questions frequently seem to be shrouded in mystery?

That is, ambiguity and variance of opinion seem to doggedly follow the Correct Answers to the exact same Important Questions for which we'd rather have complete clarity. So we end up disagreeing just when it would be preferable to agree. Here are some examples:

  • Is there a Creator? Correct Answer: Yes, but He's somewhat inscrutable. Therefore, some observers incorrectly answer No.

  • Is there an Eternal Afterlife? Correct Answer: Yes, but I haven't been there yet. I've heard great things about it though, so I'm dying to visit eventually.

  • How do I access the Eternal Afterlife? Correct Answer: Use your free will to believe you require rescue from death. Search fervently across reality for a Rescuer. He's right there. See Him? Right there. Look harder. Right there. Keep looking. Knock on that door there. Ask the Guy Who answers your knock to rescue you from death. You'll recognize Him as a Certified Death Defeater. Don't worry, He can prove it. Explain your "facing death" situation to Him. Once He places a Seal on you, you're good to go, buddy! You can believe it!

Perhaps you disagree with these Correct Answers? Hmm. Imagine that. That's mysterious.

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