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Super Duper Powerful, Part 2

How much power do people have?

What about a tiny newborn child? Physically, she has very little power—why, she can hardly support the weight of her own head! Emotionally, though, a little baby like that has a good bit of power over others. Especially her parents, because of their love for her.

How about a lumberjack? Pretty powerful, right? Lumberjacks sure chop up a lot of lumber, especially if they're using a chain saw. Maybe you saw the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Pro Qualifier: Hot Saw Lumberjack Competition sponsored by Stihl? If not, here's a highlight video. Enjoy the fast-paced, log-chopping action! Now that's powerful!

You know who else is powerful? Leaders of large organizations—generals, admirals, presidents, CEOs, and so forth. People in the organization will follow the directions of the leader, so the leader ends up having quite a bit of extended power through the others in the organization.

Superheroes, obviously. Lots of power among superheroes. Are you able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? No, I thought not. Superman can, though. He's powerful like that.

Leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Nice!

What's that you say? Superman's not real? Are you sure? Hmm, now that you mention it, I've never seen him featured in actual news stories. There was the time he rescued me during a parachute mishap, but that was only a thought experiment. (Click on the underlined part to see the faith decision I made of my own free will back then.)

Hey, what about Jesus Christ, the Rescuer? Definitely super duper powerful, right? After all, the grave couldn't hold Him, could it? He defeated death, by golly! He lives right now—He's seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. That's way more powerful than a mighty lumberjack, or even Superman!

Hmm. If you're a Christian, do you ever worry that, like Superman, Jesus Christ's resurrection might not be real? Do you ever think, "What if it's just a myth? What if the disciples stole His body from the tomb? What if I've placed my total trust in something false?"

If so, please don't be too hard on yourself, friend. It's not unusual or awful to question what you believe about Christ's resurrection. I mean, think about it—Jesus Christ overcame death itself! That's really outside the realm of normal everyday powerful, don't you think? It sort of makes sense you would question that.

I think that's enough super duper powerful discussion for now, but I'll return to this topic another time.

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