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The End of the World

So far, the true story of reality appears to have a beginning and a middle. We are currently experiencing the middle. Readers, I hope you'll agree the middle has some nice features. Consider:

  • Beautiful landscapes

  • Art and music

  • Space-time

  • Tater tots

Even though the middle is pretty special, many people are already curious about THE END. This is an understandable and natural inclination, and these people are not to be scorned, ridiculed, or derided. Maybe a little lighthearted mockery, but please don't get carried away.

What will happen at the end of reality? And when will it happen? Is it billions and billions of years away, or maybe just around the corner? If you don't believe in an afterlife, the end of your personal reality is projected to happen in less than 100 years. (Unless you upload your consciousness into a computer, an actual thing the cool kids are talking about doing. Click on the underlined link to see some cool kids discussing computer-aided immortality.)

Well I believe in an afterlife, and I have a theory about how and when the end comes about. Since I'm a believer in Christ's death, burial and resurrection, my idea tracks with the Bible. I'm not going to spill the details of my end-times scenario all at once, though. I'll be spending several future blog posts unveiling it to super-loyal, super-curious readers like you.

But just to leave you with a little something to mull over until next time, I believe the beginning of the end of this reality occurred May 14, 1948.

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