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Dark Magic

I've been using various illustrations lately to point out different ways our perception of what's real can be influenced. (The underlined links take you back to the original blog post.)

In the cosmic magic show blog post, I suggested thinking about God as a skillful Magician. (You can tell I'm referring to God, because I capitalized Magician. See that? Pretty subtle, I know, but you noticed!) If we trust God, we can relax and enjoy the cosmic magic show, even though we don't understand how the Magician (God) performs all these phenomenal wonders.

With trust (or faith, or belief) in the Magician, the cosmic magic show is a pleasant experience.

But without a trustworthy magician performing the cosmic magic show, what do you think the audience would experience? Would they be scared by the extraordinary powers of the magician? Maybe they would worry about a reality full of trapdoors and frightening monsters. They would probably be suspicious of the magician. Cynical about his "tricks." They might think, "This is all just dark magic."

Shady magicians might be practitioners of dark magic.

In the cosmic magic show illustration, I think it's interesting the audience members have free will to decide whether their reality is enjoyable or terrifying. And they exercise their free will by making a decision about whether to trust the magician.

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