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It's Magic!

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone and found yourself thinking, "I wish she (or he) could see things differently?" Almost always, though, they can't. Everyone tends to see what they see and believe it without question.

That's how magic shows work. Magicians count on our inability to see something other that what we see. They craft the scene skillfully, showing us only the elements they want us to notice, subtly drawing our attention away from the secret information that would explain what's really happening. Misdirection. That's what they call it. Magicians are really good at misdirection.

By golly, that rose is floating in mid-air!

Hey, magic shows are a lot of fun! Very entertaining. The audience is astonished by what they see. "How did the magician do that? What's the secret?" Of course the secret is what the audience didn't see. If you think about it, that's what makes the magic show fun—those of us in the audience know there's a secret, we just can't see it.

I think there's an application for us as we continue to investigate the truth about reality. Perhaps we are all participants in a cosmic magic show performed by a skillful Magician. If we have learned to trust the Magician, we understand He is delighting us with inexplicable wonders! "This is great! How did He do that?"

But if some of us don't know it's a cosmic magic show, or don't trust the Magician, then what is meant to be a wondrous, thrilling adventure is just unsettling. "That's impossible! This doesn't make sense! Why?" We thrash around trying to understand how reality works. Trying to discover the secrets. But the Magician only reveals His secrets on His terms, as He sees fit to do.

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