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Got ID?

Does the universe seem created to you?

Maybe you say, "Yes." If so, you might be an advocate of Intelligent Design (ID). Until recently, almost all bipedal mammals with highly-convoluted cerebral cortices were reporting they felt like they were very special creations of one or more super-duper intelligent designers. Personally, I feel created. I'm just being honest. I mean no offense, my dude.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Apostle Paul viewed the universe as a creation of the Hebrew God, Jehovah.* In fact, Paul saw the evidence for a created universe as overwhelmingly obvious. In his view, the creation sort of screamed, "Hey, notice me! I'm created!" In his letter to the believers in Rome, he even argued that those who didn't see the handiwork of a Creator in the splendor of His creation were deliberately suppressing the truth. Romans 1:18-20.

Hey, notice me! I'm created!

Maybe you say, "No, the universe doesn't seem created to me." You might be a proponent of the Anthropic Principle. Maybe you feel this universe appears fine-tuned to support life because we bipedal mammals with highly-convoluted cerebral cortices are the observers of this universe which is just one small observable portion of a multiverse that is not overall fine-tuned to support life. Therefore, not created. Maybe you think, "Science is better than silly old creation fables! Woohoo! Let's hear it for SCIENCE!" Maybe you even get the wave going for science at the big sports game this weekend. Nice touch, non-created bipedal mammal.

Maybe you say, "I don't know if the universe seems created or not." Gosh, I wish I could persuade you to change your answer. Please consider using your highly-convoluted cerebral cortex to give it some more thought, my dude.

*By the way, according to John 1:1-3, Jehovah = Jesus.

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