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Collecting Wisdom

Friends, I'm not only a sage philosopher, I'm an author too. My authoring specialty is titles of novels. Because everybody understands the TITLE is the most challenging part. And I like a challenge.

Back years ago, when I was just getting my start in the novel-title-authoring game, I came up with a sweet little title that really, I think, established my brand. Right from the get-go, as they say. No question this little darling set me apart from the myriad throngs of other novel title jockeys. And gave me the confidence to pursue even greater heights of novel title excellence. Of course I'm talking about the one and only Collecting Wisdom.

Collecting Wisdom is the story of Weegle Teslow, a young man who discovers a secret technique for acquiring a massive fortune over a period of just a few months, and meanwhile learns a lot about himself, too. Thus, the title Collecting Wisdom has double meaning. Get it? No? Need a little help?

Meaning #1: Secret knowledge ("wisdom") used to "collect" vast wealth.

Meaning #2: Gathering ("collecting") insights ("wisdom") about the kind of person he really is on the inside.

Well, hello, Mr. Franklin!

Though my preferred genre is just novel titles, I suppose I've succumbed to literary pressure somewhat (not to mention my adoring fans*), and added a few plot points to Collecting Wisdom to broaden its appeal to even more readers. Such as:

  • Conspiracies involving:

  • The Illuminati

  • J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI

  • Apollo lunar landings

  • Time travel (sort of)

  • Options trading

  • A workplace romance

(That last one was begrudgingly added at the insistence of my editor.)

*The court order says I'm not supposed to mention my adoring fans, because it's actually only one lady with dissociative identity disorder. She's (they're) really sweet, though.

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