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Remaining Main Things

Editor's note: Beginning today, Will's blog is transitioning to a twice-a-week format, with new entries every Monday and Thursday. Enjoy today's post, and hope you'll check back Monday, July 24, 2017!

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."

Author and educator Stephen Covey

My editor is pressuring me to remind readers there is more than one right answer to the question: "What is your Main Thing?" Why just recently, for example, Doris K. from Fort Wayne, IN provided many excellent examples of other Main Things, AND used capitalization in a MOST persuasive (but not convincing) manner.

But anyway, my editor feels I might be coming across as overly judgmental of those for whom maybe their possessions are their Main Things. I assure you, readers, I'm only being appropriately judgmental, not overly judgmental. But my editor has very good instincts about matters like these. And she's my wife. So I'm doing this.

As you know, my Main Thing is TRUTH—which is clearly the BEST choice for a deeply cerebral philosopher like me—but your Main Thing is also good, beloved reader. Don't be ashamed of yourself if your Main Thing is:

  • money

  • your big, fancy house

  • other possessions, like the super shiny sports car in the picture. Oh, it's SO SHINY! Nice choice for a Main Thing, friend!

And most importantly, shallow reader with a materialistic Main Thing, if you feel I'm being patronizing, please remember that is just your imagination. And please don't tell my wife.

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