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More Main Things!

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."

Author and educator Stephen Covey

Comment from an imaginary subscriber: "Will, you've said TRUTH is your MAIN THING. But there are so many BETTER choices than TRUTH. What about FAITH IN GOD, BEAUTY, PEACE ON EARTH, LIFE ITSELF, and the one I really can't believe you didn't choose: LOVE? LOVE, Will! Like what a MOTHER feels for her CHILD? What about LOVE? Hmm? Why didn't you choose LOVE as your MAIN THING? I'm QUITE distressed by this GLARING OVERSIGHT, Will. If you don't IMMEDIATELY CORRECT your MISTAKE, I will be COMPELLED to UNSUBSCRIBE from your website! Even though I am IMAGINARY! Sincerely, Doris K., Fort Wayne, IN"

My response: "Dear Doris, Thank you for your comment. I value all my readers, both real and imaginary. In fact currently most of my readers ARE imaginary, so I'm particularly grateful to hear from you today. You've raised an excellent point about other MAIN THINGS that are NOT TRUTH. I am especially persuaded by the extensive use of capitalization in your comment. Very strong. Nevertheless, I'm going to stick with TRUTH for now. Perhaps if you'd capitalized a few more words. Or included a lighthearted emoji to really drive your point home. But no, you did not. I imagine (sorry) you'll be put off by my unsatisfactory response, and may choose to unsubscribe. I'm disheartened, but I feel I must adhere to my principles. Sincerely, Will Malpass"

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