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My Dog Is Dreaming

Here's a photo of Biscuit, one of two delightful German shepherds in my family. I say delightful, but in this photo she's misbehaving! She's not really supposed to be up on the sofa like that, which she knows. I'm able to collect this evidence against her only because she's sound asleep! And she's dreaming. I can tell because her paws are twitching and I hear her softly barking as she sleeps.

What do you suppose she's dreaming about? Is it that squirrel family that lives in a pecan tree in our back yard? It could be. They're full of mischief, I assure you! And who better to chase them down and set things right than Biscuit?

Oh what irony! Biscuit the correcter of squirrel misconduct in Dreamland is herself guilty, guilty, guilty of one count of misdemeanor sofa incursion here in the Land of Wakefulness.

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